This morning we awoke to new model runs and new destinations in which to chase. The morning models had us convinced that Wyoming was the place to be, though conditions were still less than ideal.

We hit the road and soon  found ourselves under cool cloudy Nebraska skies. A beautiful photo op in Lake McConaughy brought us a change of pace as we continued to move west. Winds began to pick up as we gassed up and a new model run showed potential for some strong storms in Texas.

Our first major devisive decision was upon us.  In order to make Texas by Monday we had to leave almost immediately, but that meant leaving storms in Wyoming today.  It was a decision that wasn’t easily made as chasers were divided in part by the possibility of storms today versus the lure of potentially more impressive storms in Texas on Monday.

As I write this we are in Colorado heading south. While the contrasts of Colordao’s crisp white coulds, bright green grass, and deep blue skies are beautiful, we all hope we’ve made the right decision heading down to Texas.

Erik Ferryman


One response to “Decisions

  1. Yeah, tell Dave we took the bait, ended the night in Wall, SD.

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