The Rolling Hills

This evening, as I sat in the front seat driving west through northern Kansas, I reflected on the chasing we had done today. Driving over the Kansas hills I thought about how we had missed a tornado: how funny it was that this morning we drove on the interstate where a tornado producing storm fired up when we were 5 hours away!

Even with missed oportunities on my mind, I could not help enjoying myself. We were driving through northern Kansas with some astounding views. Cruising over the hills we got to see country that I had never seen, saw new people, laughed as a group of cows that scattered from a fence as we drove by, and I thought how fortunate I was to be a part of this trip.

Earlier that afternoon we decided to drive south to try and get away from the widespread rain to possibly catch some issolated storms. We saw great, billowing, towering cumulus (indicative of the beginings of storms) so we knew there was instability and some energy to work with. But, as we traveled, we saw the cumulus in front of us dwindle and the cumulus field behind us strengthen! So, watching the radar, we quickly saw that the storms were north, not south. So, since we decided to abandon some pulse storms in the south, we decided to head back west and north to start getting positioned for tomorrow.

A pulse storm we abandoned to get into position for tomorrow!

A pulse storm we abandoned to get into position for tomorrow!

There is plenty of hope for tomorrow, but keep your fingers crossed!

This is Byron Wiedeman, from Room 224, Super Eight, Ogallala, NE.


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