OK/TX Storms

The long drive south into Texas paid off today. We intercepted 2 storms, one just north of Childress County Texas and the other over the border in Washita County Oklahoma. As far as storms go, both Kevin and I agreed that they were pretty much middle-of-the-road storms on what we expected today given the atmospheric conditions. Waiting for initiation in Childress Texas at a beautiful lakeside park, we could see the cumulus towers climbing through the afternoon. Watching the storms grow in the field and on radar, we finally committed to a storm just north of Childress that began to exhibit an impressive backsheared anvil. This storm eventually began to dissipate and we moved to another storm in western Oklahoma. The radar periodically showed strong rotation within the storm, and a rotating wall cloud became very evident on the southeastern flank of the storm. The lack of shear was evident with both storms, as neither one could sustain the supercell features for very long, and the heavy rain and hail quickly took over each storm. Bob, driving our sedan we have nicknamed the “probe”, will have to wait another day for any tornado intercepts. More from the field later.
I’ll end with a very tough question for my son Ben and Mrs. Deven’s second grade class at Margaret Beeks Elementary School: we travelled 400 miles on one tank of gas in our vans. Each tank holds 20 gallons. How many miles to the gallon did we get?


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