Day 7: Thoughts from the halfway point…

We drove into Lonoke, Arkansas this afternoon (after some fantastic bbq in Texas of course) with pleasant memories of yesterday but doubts about the future. The models are pointing at a chance of storms, even the possibility of tornadoes, into Monday – our last possible chase day. However, models are notoriously inaccurate this far out and even up to a few hours beforehand. This, then, begs the question: do we head home with the events of Tuesday fresh in our minds, a victory in the midst of highly unfavorable conditions, or do we stay, with only distant promises of just a chance, and hope that a phoenix rises from the ashes of the 2009 storm season?

We had faith yesterday in a storm that looked unreachable in the beginning that came to us in the end. I believe that we should keep pressing on with that same hope, and with a little bit of luck, things will continue to look up for the end of our journey. Tomorrow we’ll know our course of action…until then…this is Samantha Huddleston, bidding you all good night.


One response to “Day 7: Thoughts from the halfway point…

  1. Lina and Chris

    Really have enjoyed the photographs of the trip and hope that you all can meet up with the “big one” soon. Tally Ho!

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