Staying the Course

For the uninitiated, storm chasing can be an incredibly frustrating affair. Perseverance is key, and that is what is in order for us. We are beginning a circuitous route toward home now, but we see a potential region for severe storms on Sunday in the northwestern Iowa region. So we will enter the fray once more. We have found out that when we intercepted the Dallas supercell earlier this week, a historic event was unfolding with Vortex2: it was the first time a left-moving supercell was fully probed by instrumentation, providing informative data on these types of storms. The VT chase crew was in the very heart of that storm.
Kevin just informed me that a large note was left on our chase vans today: a Nebraska fan evidently left a “go big red!” poster for us. I originally thought of letting the Cornhusker fans use my yard for tailgating in September for the game, but since Nebraska has failed to produce a tornado for us this year, I guess I will rescind that offer! -Dave

(P.S. the Nebraska people have been extremely kind to us, and have let us know that we had better watch out as their team is much improved!)


2 responses to “Staying the Course

  1. Jen Henderson

    Hey All,

    I remember how frustrating it was last year waiting for the atmosphere to (finally) cooperate. When it did, we caught all of our tornadoes within a 48 hour period. As Dave and Kevin say, all it takes is one storm–or one family of storms. Good luck on Sunday and Monday! I’m sending supercell thoughts your way.


  2. Jim — Loved the Nebraska/Iowa border video. I think you captured the mood brillantly.

    Wishing the weary chasers a safe return to Virginia. While I have parked the ‘probe’ car, I miss the company of the chasers and the opportunity to monopolize the CB.

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