chase day 3

since i have such a hard time going to sleep in a moving vehicle, i find myself awake here at midnight. we’re aimed at mason city, iowa after a long day.

up at 7 this morning, we had a quick meeting at 8 to discuss the day, and packed the vans at 8:30, and left Storm lake, Iowa for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Another state to add to my now much larger list of “States I have finally been in.”

12:30 brought us into Sioux Falls for a lunch date with the hottest models a meteorologist knows: NAM and GFS. It wasn’t looking good for a bit, but everything came together soon enough and we were westbound. a short drive to Mitchell, SD found us waiting (im)patiently and watching all around us for “the” storm to go after. Soon, but not as quickly as we’d have liked, there was a storm going up, and we were on it like a bloodhound that caught a scent.

we made it to to storm, but found it just a little underwhelming. nice pictures, lots of outflow wind, and i nearly lost my hat, but no tornados. the radar was showing, about that time, another line of strong storms to our northeast, so we backed out and booked it down I-90 to try and catch it.

but we were just a touch late. it curved down and across the interstate right in front of us. in a super cell storm, a Hail Core is a white section within the precipitation where mostly hail is falling. it simply looks like a whitish section of the curtain that hands under the storm. the core that we watched cross the interstate appeared to me to be a cloud itself. i suppose only a picture could do it justice.

but nothing more. a short lived Meso signature and tornado warning thrown up, but all we really ended up getting was rain, a few pictures, and I got to watch small birds struggle to fly INTO the strong winds. entertaining, but not what everyone was hoping for.

 it looks like we’re starting a slow meander home. We’re still keeping our eyes open, but we’re not going to lose too much time chasing any last minute storms way out west.

but now? Its half past 12 in the morning. nearly everyone is asleep in both vans. Dave and Kevin have been keeping each other awake by talking to one another: Reminicing about past chases, commenting about former chasers, and asking rhetorical questions that Dave is not only able to answer, but actually give a really good response to. I think i’m going to ask him “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” sometime, just to see what i get.

oh, and on the bright side, at least we got to see two supercells. Vortex 2 reported their storm in Omaha, Nebraska did not go super cell.

This is Nathan Horne, counting the miles till he can sleep.


One response to “chase day 3

  1. Nathan,
    If you were in the probe vehicle I would have sang to you to help you sleep… either that or we have played some death metal and imagined ourselves banging our heads against some wall clouds.

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