The Extension.

After such a dreadful severe weather pattern for most of the month of May (especially the second half), the VT storm chasers have regrouped as much as possible on very short notice (less than 2 days) for a return trip west. After our first return back home, the pattern eventually became more favorable for severe storms in the Great Plains, and several rounds of tornadic supercells occurred over the last week or so. We hope to catch the tail end of this pattern before central U.S. ridging takes over again. Initially our eyes are set on the general region around Iowa for Thursday, as the models are hinting at a fairly potent shortwave exiting the Rockies and moving eastbound. With adequate moisture and shear, severe storms certainly look possible, so the VT storm chase crew begins our long trip westward once again.

The chasers in for round 2 include:

Dave Carroll

Maria Floyd (co-leader for VT chases in 2004 & 2005)

Andrew Smith

Samantha Huddleston

Nathan Horne

More posts to come.


One response to “The Extension.

  1. Think y’all are looking good for Nebraska tomorrow. Caught a little of the Kentucky stuff on my way to Arkansas. A few decent storm structure pics … but nothing what you might find the next couple of days.

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