Vermillion IL/IN storm video.

A short set of video clips from the eastern IL/western IN tornadic supercell intercept.  The first few clips show the tornado-warned storm as we travel along with it from Illinois into Indiana.  The night clip covers the intense squall line with imbedded supercells moving into western Indiana.  Twenty miles of Interstate 74 were tornado-warned with an imbedded supercell in this line.  The lightning highlights the cloud lowering associated with the warnings along the interstate.


3 responses to “Vermillion IL/IN storm video.

  1. The I-70 corridor in Illinois seems to be a hot spot for the Tech chasers. We had the great multiple-meso supercell in 2006 (the “Maroa Miracle” as we like to call it, a storm defying the weak severe pattern near Maroa, Ill.), the dusty wind blast with the dry rear-flank downdraft in 2007 (famous for UNCA student Sandy LaCorte’s line about the vans experiencing “a little tippage” in the high winds) and now you guys on the sequel trip in ’09 came away with this tornado-warned supercell.

  2. I mean I-74, not I-70.

  3. hokiestormchaser

    I know Kev, something magical about that area of Illinois. This cell fired in Piatt County and travelled to the ESE toward Danville. The other thing I love about that area are the small towns…beautiful tree-lined streets…a very special place on many fronts. -Dave

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