Looking toward the 2010 stormchase and a new crew…

It is hard to believe that planning is already underway for the 2010 storm chase!

We are now looking for crew members for the 2010 trip.

The primary prerequisite for joining the storm chase is a passion for severe weather.  This is NOT a trip for those with just a passing interest in severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Chasers must be willing to immerse themselves in the study of forecasting, on-the-road analysis, and interception of severe storms for the duration of the trip (2-3 weeks).  It involves long hours on the road each day, and sometimes enduring long periods of inactive weather.  Quite simply, storms dictate where we go and what we do.

If you are interested in joining the crew for the 2010 trip, contact me (Dave Carroll) via e-mail (carrolld@vt.edu), phone (231-5469), or stop by my office (101 Major Williams in the Department of Geography).  We are looking to begin filling positions early this fall, and also to provide complete trip details (dates, cost, etc.) by October.  The limited number of positions(8-10) fill quickly.

I’m still working with some of the ’09 photos, so I will end this post with a couple of shots from the ’08 trip.   -Dave

Our eerie evening May 22 tornado intercept near Wakeeney Kansas…


Observing new wall cloud development at close range after an RFD occlusion/tornado near Quinter KS…



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