Pre-trip Chase Crew Comments

Any pre-trip thoughts from the 2010 crew?  Use the “comments” section and post them here.  -Dave


16 responses to “Pre-trip Chase Crew Comments

  1. hokiestormchaser

    Hey everyone! Since we’ll be out on the road soon, we might as well start getting to know one another. Whether you’re going on the May or June trip feel free to post! 🙂

    Name: Kathryn

    Trip: May

    Info: Junior, Geography major

    Cool fact: I can juggle! Scarves, balls, rings, EGGS…you name it!


  2. hokiestormchaser

    I can juggle too…not great, but I can put ’em up for a while. -Dave

  3. I’ll follow your model Kathryn…

    Name: Andrew

    Trip: May

    Info: 2009 Graduate, Civil Engineering

    Cool fact: This is my third trip (fourth if you count last June’s spur-of-the-moment trip). I can’t wait to get out there and get some redemption from the disappointment of last year.

  4. Name: Will

    Trip: May

    Info: Junior, Geography major

    Cool fact: I collect shot glasses. I’ve never been to the Midwest so I hope to try and get one from each state we chase in.


  5. Name: Kevin

    Trip: May — my 6th as Dave’s deputy

    Info: Roanoke Times weather columnist, Arkansas native, saw my first tornado when I was 5!

    Cool fact: Last year had many busts in a dead pattern, but May 23 provided one of the best moments for me on any storm trip when, talking on a cellphone standing in a cornfield behind an Econo Lodge in Beatrice, Nebraska, I learned that my wife was pregnant with what is now our 3-month-old son Grayson!

  6. hokiestormchaser

    Name: Dave

    Trips: May/June

    Info: VT faculty/meteorology

    Cool fact: both Kevin and I can’t describe exactly why, but we both think this year’s trips will be good ones. I am really amped to go now.

  7. Name: Rebecca
    Trip: May/June
    Info: sophomore, Geography major

    Cool Fact? I play piccolo in the Marching Virginians.
    I am sooooooo excited to go storm chasing; April is going too slowly! 🙂

  8. Name: Samantha (call me Sam)
    Trip: June
    Info: junior, geography major/escapee from engineering

    Cool fact: I’ve loved the weather since I was 4, we had a nasty storm here that knocked down a tree in front of my bedroom window. That aside, I’m hoping for a day like the one in Iowa in June without such an awful cap…

  9. Andrew, I look forward to working with you!

    Will, I collect post cards! Looks like the 2 of us will be collecting state memorabilia. 🙂

    Rebecca, that’s awesome you play the Piccolo, and in the Marching Virginians too. I play guitar, we could totally write songs about our storm chase experience 😛

    Sam, here’s to little kids who love storms!

    Dave, liking the positive vibe!

    Kevin, really neat story 🙂

  10. Good idea on the whole “getting to know each other” Kathryn.

    Name: Thomas

    Trip: May

    Info: Junior – Geography Major(GIS)

    Cool Fact: I have won two video contests at Virginia Tech and have recently directed and edited a television commercial for the Tech Bookstore that will be played locally.

    I hope to film some AWESOME severe weather on the storm chase.

  11. I can’t wait for this summer to roll around. I will be enjoying my two favorite things in the world, storms and soccer. Let’s see some tornadoes and Go USA!

  12. hokiestormchaser

    It will be fantastic having a skilled videographer again this year. We will probably move you from van to van quite a bit Thomas…so you can film from lots of different perspectives… -Dave

  13. I think it would be neat to do a sort-of documentary of the trip, “interview” us chasers beforehand to get our opinion on what we expect, and periodic interviews to see what we think of the trip to that point.

  14. I think that’s a really neat idea Andrew! we could have “van confessionals” haha kidding (or not?)…

    aaron, i’ll 2nd your storms and soccer!

  15. hokiestormchaser

    …van confessionals??? Hey, all storm chasers want some CIN on their trips… -Dave

  16. Haha thats a great idea about the video!!! I’m literally bouncing in my chair, only 18 days left!!!!!!

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