Current Set-up, Sun. 4/25

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The atmosphere will likely settle down quite a bit today, but some areas may still see scattered severe weather.  Good dynamics are still in play today to the north along the warm front extending east of the low.  This area, including parts of NOVA, may see the best shot at tornadoes today.  Air mass recovery/destabilization will be a factor.  Anything interesting…post it!  -Dave


12 responses to “Current Set-up, Sun. 4/25

  1. my mom is in the hot zone today!

  2. looking at SPC data i was surprised the 5% tor prob was as north as it is, considering parameters are much more favorable in extreme SE virginia and NE north carolina (shear, instability, helicities all higher). i was wondering why that threat wasn’t extended further down the seaboard.

    however, i then realized why the threat is higher where it is. that’s where the warm front is set up, and if the low tracks east it would be closer in that vicinity as well. these 2 combined give that area more a more favorable wind field, and thus the higher tornado threat

  3. hokiestormchaser

    …just back from a quick fishing trip on the Greenbrier River in WV 🙂

    Haven’t looked at things, but I’m sure you are correct with the front…storms interacting with the warm front would enjoy and enhanced probability for some tornadoes… -Dave

  4. hokiestormchaser

    …Chris: you may have some time this evening for a local chase: initiation will be fairly late. I am currently seeing some Cu’s climbing along/east of the Blue Ridge here, and we may have one or two cells showing on radar shortly. -Dave

  5. i was just going to mention the storms firing around here dave….

    BEAUTIFUL cumulonimbus clouds going up everywhere and i can hear thunder in the distance! you were right too, already some cells the the SW on radar looking to come up this way. i’m stuck in torg, away from windows (unacceptable when storms are coming!) and may ditch my group to catch some action…

    we have the ingredients to support some organized storms!

  6. hokiestormchaser

    My guess would be that more robust storms will stay east of us for the most part…mainly along the Blue Ridge and points east. But there certainly might be a rumble or two coming through our area. A little bit of sunshine has destabilized us some, and you can certainly see the ‘cumes climbing higher now. Caught a 17″ smallmouth today on UL tackle…a beautiful fish! The Greenbrier is such a great place to relax… -Dave

  7. storms firing literally RIGHT ON the boundary in northern virginia!

  8. hokiestormchaser

    …briefly tornado-warned cell earlier. Kathryn…you should post your cumulus congestus/Cb photo here…

  9. how do i post it???

  10. I was under a nice anvil with some thunder rumbling about 5:30 p.m. (I live in south Roanoke County). Brief shower (while I napped)is apparently all we got.

    I figure it is very likely Chris White is out on the N. Va. stuff.

  11. dave, i added it as a ‘slideshow’ under the main post?!?! i clearly have no idea what i’m doing…if there’s a better way to post them or you want to move them to somewhere else, go for it haha

  12. I was unable to get out to chase today due to another obligation in Richmond that did – believe it or not – have a higher priority than even storm chasing! By the time I got back home the sun was down and everything I could have chased was pretty much out of my desired territory well north of here. (I tend to stay south of a line from Front Royal to Quantico to avoid the horrific traffic conditions.) I have to confess that I ground my teeth a bit when I looked over the parameters early this morning, but you can’t get ’em all!

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