A near-perfect chase day:  accurate forecasting, sound positioning, and an incredible reward as we intercepted a tornadic supercell in northern South Dakota today.  This was a rare event as we were able to stay outside of the vehicles and experience the tornado roar across the open fields and cross the Rt. 47 where we had been only minutes earlier.   Andrew Smith captured this photo of the tornado as it crossed in front of us, while the VT chase crew were buffeted by the strong winds screaming into the funnel.

We intercepted the storm again a few miles further east, and the tornado became rain-wrapped as it transitioned to more of an HP supercell, but treated us to fantastic structure as we travelled southbound and out of its way.  -Dave


6 responses to “Tornado!

  1. Awesome!! Days like this are what we chasers live for…congrats!

  2. What stories you all will have to tell!! Great photo’s, Andrew.

  3. I’m loving following your adventures!

  4. I bet I know what your computers desktop wallpaper looks like! Nice picture.

  5. The Satellite Studies group at the University of Wisconsin got some great high-res POES images of the South Dakota storm Saturday. Thought you might like to see them:

  6. I’m so glad you are having good luck out there – what fun!!!!

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