Monday Update

Currently in central South Dakota today, after evaluating the time and distance from potential storms in western Kansas yesterday, we decided to break away from heading south, and stay in South Dakota for today’s set-up. Once you are out here, you clearly see the immense space and distances between points, and there simply was too much distance and too little time to cover late-initiating storms in Kansas yesterday and make it back to South Dakota for today. We chose to stay north. This could be a volatile day, with many fast-moving tornadic storms. We will have to err on the side of caution. -Dave


7 responses to “Monday Update

  1. I like erring on the side of caution, good plan!

  2. So today is choice day… will you be having the supercell/clearly tornadic but potentially rain-wrapped entree with a side of hail or will you go with the smaller appetizers accompanied by a ‘safe’ dessert. I’m with Gail, a a double helping of caution and a day in the wind is more fun than play golf with the rental van’s windshield. Stay safe.

  3. today was amazing. we saw up to 6 tornadoes from one storm, and were able to stay with it practically from evolution to dissipation. the tornadoes were large, and spectacular.

    another reason why today was so special was because of people we met along the way in south dakota. a big shout out goes out to Jennie Weingart and her husband Ki from Pierre, SD (pronounced Peer!). They showed us how truly genuine and kind the people of this area can be by welcoming us to their city and chatting with us. In an unbelievably kind gesture, Jennie and Ki brought us all breakfast bright and early this morning!! it was really nice to have a hot breakfast after days on the road. Thank you again to Jennie and Ki from Pierre, SD!

    We also met a 30-year National Weather Service veteran outside of Gettysburg, SD and a cattle rancher from Bowdle, SD. The focus of this trip is of course to see storms, but a big part of it is also driving through and experiencing the small towns and cities along the way. We love talking to locals, and appreciate when they take the time to talk to us! 🙂

    Great day all around. Go Hokies!

  4. Kathleen Schlachter

    Great to meet you guys yesterday at the lumberyard. Thanks for the shirt. Wish you could have stayed longer but the chase must go on.
    Glad you were able to experience some the awesome wx we have here along with the great people. Stop by if you are near again.
    Safe journey home.

  5. Elizabeth Spence

    I have a lot of family members in South Dakota. How far away from Huron, DeSmet, and Sioux Falls were you? I always get asked about the way South Dakota looks like compared to here in Martinsville. I think its beautiful out there.

    • hokiestormchaser

      Elisabeth, we were mainly northeast of Pierre, and way west closer to Rapid City. We did spend the night in Miller(west of Huron) last night. We love South Dakota…it is gorgeous, extremely nice people…and nice storms too! -Dave

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