Day 2: entering possible chase mode.

It is early in the game, but there appears to be a decent shot at supercells with possible tornadoes today over IA & IL.  We will depart shortly from our overnight stay in Urbana IL…headed toward I-80 in Iowa.  Currently, a large MCS is crossing IA, and we need it to clear the area and allow some daytime heating to begin for a round of severe storms this afternoon.  Ingredients are there for a substantial/severe MCS that may cross several states.  We have to be there early for storm initiation, and attempt to catch storms before they congeal into a large linear/cluster complex.  Will try to post more from the road.  -Dave


3 responses to “Day 2: entering possible chase mode.

  1. Moderate Risk! Good luck Hokies! I’ll be chasing locally here in Northern VA today and tomorrow but will be keeping my fingers crossed for your success!

  2. best of luck catching the storms early. definitely head up closer to the IA/IL border to catch the early initiation before everything congeals!

  3. btw, there’s some kind of boundary setting up in central Iowa….can see a very thin band on the vis sat, and also on the MSLP off the RUC. also check out surface obs, it’s much warmer and clearer behind this boundary so finding it will be a getting to it will be a great place to start…

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