A tough one…

Humbling day…a very complicated set-up ended in an Iowa bust essentially.  It looked like the day would unfold with an initial supercell-morphing-into-MCS kind of set-up.  After spending the night in central Illinois, we drove through heavy rain and drifted into Iowa in hopes of catching storms early.  Initiation did indeed begin in Iowa, but the cells quickly merged into a line, which we tagged for quite a while.  The line never seemed to get its act together, and we began to check into our rooms in Ottumwa IA when Dane noted one of the storms west of us became tornado-warned.  We raced through heavy wind-blown rain, trying to manuever between storms to reach it, but with a forward speed of 50kts…it wasn’t to be.  Meanwhile, storms in central IL initiated very late, but quickly became tornadic, with several impressive cells evident on radar…but out of reach as they moved eastward.  All of this taking place within close range of our drive through IL earlier in the day.  -Dave


4 responses to “A tough one…

  1. Your best chase days are ahead … go west young men and women!

  2. B-U-S-T’s can be great learning experiences…frustrating, but educational. (Trust me, I know of what I speak!!)

  3. hokiestormchaser

    …any storms today Chris? -Dave

  4. Dave,
    Yep! I intercepted a rotating wall cloud in Fauquier county and called it into the Sterling NWS office, which promptly issued a tornado warning on the cell 9 minutes later!

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