A travel day ends with a tornado-warned storm…

A “leisurely” travel day from Iowa into southern Nebraska took a longer turn (mainly a western turn) as we diverted west and caught a tornado-warned storm northwest of North Platte Nebraska.  No tornado, but we were treated to a nice wall cloud and striated storm structure before nightfall.  At times there was a spectacular display of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes coming from the wall cloud area, highlighting the updraft of the storm.  As the storm(s) closed in on the interstate, we stayed as long as we could before bolting eastbound, avoiding the heavy precipitation cores of the storms.  In Holdrege Nebraska for the night with an interesting set-up potentially for tomorrow.  Will try to post some storm footage when I get a chance…   -Dave


6 responses to “A travel day ends with a tornado-warned storm…

  1. Congrats on a great change-of-plans storm intercept! I’m not sure I remember the last time a travel day became a chase day like that.

  2. way to go! sometimes the best outcomes prevail when you least expect it!

    today looks very good with ample CAPE and shear in N-eastern CO, eastern WY, and western NE….today looks like a classic day for “find the low” 🙂

    perhaps you’ll get to wyoming today!

  3. btw, i’m going to do what i can to bring those 700mb temps down a bit. don’t want a repeat of our colorado day from a few weeks ago…
    the good news is, with that cap in place, once storms initiate they will become explosive fast (SPC mentions this too)


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  5. Kathryn: Once again you’re ahead of the Storm Prediction Center. Look where their mesoscale discussion is:


  6. i’m hoping they see something in colorado to redeem our trip. however, i have a feeling they’re on their way up to WY/NE border area! storms are firing there, a watch is up, and colorado doesn’t look as good in comparison!

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