An amazing stay in Ulysses KS, and Nebraska storms…

After playing tag with the front draped through Kansas, we stayed overnight in Ulysses Kansas…and received treatment worthy of royalty there!  Jenni and Daron Hall (Jenni is a VT Alumnus) greeted us, helped us with dinner and lodging that went WAY beyond our typical chase accommodations.  Our visit included a live radio spot on the local radio station KULY 1420AM.  More on this later when we have some time, but our sincere thanks go out to the Halls, and everyone at the Corporate East Hotel for making our stay so wonderful.  There was quite a bit of reluctance to leave town and hit the road again…and I echoed some of those feelings as well.

Storm-wise, we intercepted two large storms near Scott’s Bluff Nebraska, and netted two wall clouds from these cells.  A couple of counties east of Scott’s Bluff, the storms seemed to outrun the instability axis and begin to fade in intensity.  The second storm in the evening underwent multiple splits, and the southern cell managed to produce a very well-defined wall cloud as it moved across the bluffs outside of the city.  Some photos to come when we have time…

If you are in the southern plains…stop in Ulysses…it is quite a nice place!  -Dave


2 responses to “An amazing stay in Ulysses KS, and Nebraska storms…

  1. sounds like you had a great time, in a great place!

  2. Hokies are everywhere!

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