Tornadic HP-fest in Colorado

On the run with a tornadic HP just to the west of the road

The tornado-warned HP supercell east of Denver CO

VT storm chasers catch a close-up view of the HP supercell

One of five tornadic wall clouds in Colorado this day.

Just in from a long chase day in Colorado.  We intercepted three separate tornado-warned storms, the first just outside of Denver, and the second two further east north of I-70 near Arriba/Flagler.  These were typical, menacing HP supercells, that did not allow easy viewing of any embedded tornadoes.  No matter, as these storms produced spectacular structure time and time again.  We had to carefully navigate between cells on a limited road network, and at one point were surrounded by three separate tornado-warned storms.  Working our way via GPS-enabled radar and road maps along with our eyes, we successfully stayed close to, but between all of the storms.  As we encountered the tornado-warned cell near Arriba/Flagler, sirens wailed in eerie evening light as the storm bore down on the town.  Yet another cell exploded in intensity in Kit Carson County, and we travelled alongside of a rapidly deepening/rotating wall cloud as the radar indicated the center of strong rotation just north of our location.  Attached some stills, but I shot far more video and will try to upload it when time permits.  A solid chase day, with very mean-looking storms.  -Dave


5 responses to “Tornadic HP-fest in Colorado

  1. awesome job yesterday. looks like you got some spectacular views over such clear terrain. i watched you all evening on the GPS. wish i could have been there!

  2. hokiestormchaser

    …wish you WERE here…

  3. Sometimes the Mark 1 eyeball is the best safety device during a chase. S0unds like an eventful day for the Hokies!

  4. Very nice photos. If the resolution is higher, it will be more fantastic!

  5. awesome pics, I wish I was there! that must be a very damage tornado!

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