Thoughts on the 2010 storms, and a look toward 2011…

Editing the video we shot during the May and June chases forces a bit of a return to those stormy days in the plains.  In hindsight, the weather pattern never showed us a classic Great Plains severe weather set-up, and we were forced to forecast much more subtle features in an effort to locate storms.  I feel indebted to both the May and June crews; it was a pleasure to spend that time on the road with you, and you certainly left an overwhelmingly positive impression of Virginia Tech everywhere we travelled.  That is the way it should be.  Kevin, Jen, & Dane…your company and support over the thousands of miles is always appreciated, and safely completing the round-trip ticket back home is by far the most important aspect of the trip, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.

It is hard to believe that as I wind down the 2010 excursion and the post-chase details, the focus is already shifting to the 2011 trip.  Planning in earnest will begin in a few weeks.  Many on the 2010 crew will be entering new phases of their academic/professional lives, and it will be a transition time for most.  The one constant:  we will once again roll west when severe season begins anew, and where we will go and what we will experience will remain a mystery until we are there.

Formal applications for the 2011 trip will be available in the coming weeks, but anyone interested in joining us for the 2011 storm chase can send me a note (   Until then, keep and eye to the sky, and the inflow to your back.   -Dave


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