We have reached the 2011 Storm Chase Event Horizon…

Just over four weeks until we leave for the plains, and time will now seemingly accelerate toward our departure date of May 15. I have been very busy on many “fronts” so to speak, but the inevitable thoughts of what lies in store for us this year now begin creeping into my mind more and more each day. A few rounds of severe weather have occurred so far this spring, with the typical Gulf Coast and Mississippi Valley regions experiencing wind, hail, and some tornadic activity. Areas further north, such as Iowa have also seen significant storms, possibly foreshadowing a pattern that we may face in a few short weeks. The downhill run toward the trip is painted by the images of tornado damage to Pulaski and Draper, our neighbors a short drive south of Blacksburg. These images reaffirm the number one priority on the trip:   it is a round-trip ticket, and our safety rises above everything else. I’ll leave this post with a photo from a June evening in eastern Colorado, as a chase day winds down and storms begin to dissipate, and relish in the fact that we will soon be immersed in a beautiful part of the country at an amazing time of the year.   -Dave

Sunset and dissipating storms over Cheyenne County Colorado.


5 responses to “We have reached the 2011 Storm Chase Event Horizon…

  1. It is getting close! Looking forward to meeting the team, heading out on the road, and seeing some supercells.

  2. I’ll be in touch soon regarding vehicle pick-ups, etc. The northeastern plains and midwest have seen action recently…wonder if we will end up there in a few weeks? -Dave

  3. When we went through the damage scenes in Caruthersville, Mo., and Marmaduke, Ark., from a long-track F3 that happened a few weeks before our 2006 trip, I recall Dave (then a teacher at Pulaski County High School) saying that he thought about Pulaski when we through those towns. Now, Pulaski has suffered its own destructive tornado. It was a bit sobering being in contact with 3 different members of that 2006 team who hail from Pulaski, telling about what they had experienced or their family had suffered in the storm.

    I will be sitting on pins and needles watching the May team have its go awaiting our June trip. Here’s to TWO successful and SAFE storm trips in 2011.

  4. I’ve been primarily an armchair storm chaser up to this point in my life, and it’s very easy to get lost in the excitement that severe weather brings. Pulaski will definitely be in the forefront of my mind when we head out next month.

  5. We have seen first-hand how long-term response to a destructive tornado varies from town to town. Parkersburg IA was well on its way one year after a devastating tornado hit; Greensburg KS rebuilt with a new identity; Saragosa TX still bears the concrete slabs and amazingly fresh wounds of its fateful day over 20 years later. -Dave

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