Final preparations are now underway for the trip, and the crew is squaring away final details for finishing the semester and packing for the long haul.  The weather pattern looks a bit sketchy for the first few days, but hints of more significant/favorable set-ups for severe weather in the plains are beginning to show for later in the first week.  The next post will most likely cover an initial target(s) for the first few days of the trip.  For those crew members taking a break after exams and heading home for a few days, get some rest, and travel safely back to town!  Will leave you with a photo of one of our tornadoes from 2010…I hope we will have another day like this one…large tornadoes over open country!   -Dave


4 responses to “Countdown…

  1. Revving up the chase engines!

  2. The Easy Cheese is already packed

  3. June trip folks will be cheering you on and anxiously waiting our turn …

  4. Lez go!

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