Rolling west still…

We’re continuing our trek west today as we’re closing in on the Oklahoma border within the next hour or so on Interstate 40. Its looking more likely we’ll be in the Texas Panhandle tomorrow as we are starting to comb through the midday model runs, but we’ll continue to analyse things as the afternoon progresses. One of our vans (the one I’m in) has been plagued with technical issues the last 24 hours with our in-van power system. It hasn’t been anything debilitating fortunately and we’re hoping to take care of it at our lunch stop here soon.

As a reminder, you can check out our Facebook page and/or Twitter feed for the latest information on our progress throughout the duration of the trip.



– Andrew Smith


One response to “Rolling west still…

  1. Steve Keighton

    Hey Gang, good luck this week, but if you don’t have good luck, come take a tour of the National Weather Center in Norman. That’s where I’m hanging out this week, and will be watching the storms carefully via a number of new data sets.
    See you in Norman, or back in Blacksburg some time!

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