Our stop in Forrest City

After a restful night and top-notch lodging in Forrest City AR, this a.m. we find ourselves in Shamrock TX at the Irish Inn.  Pulled in around 10:00pm.  Looks like we will have some storm potential the next several days, with each day gaining a bit of moisture.  A quick photo below of some of the chase crew with the Patel’s, our gracious hosts at the Super-8 in Forrest City.  What a small world…they just moved from Roanoke this past year!  It was fun recounting local adventures from Southwest Virginia with them at breakfast.   Time to turn our attention to storms now…     -Dave


2 responses to “Our stop in Forrest City

  1. Funny, I lived in Jonesboro an hour up the road from Forrest City for 26 years before relocating to Roanoke in the late 90s. Been to Forrest City many times, mostly covering high school sports in the early-mid 1990s. All the best to the Patels in eastern Arkansas, the home of the best catfish and rice on planet Earth. (Definitely tornado country, too. Forrest City itself has been hit pretty hard a couple of times)

  2. thanks,hope someone in roanoke seen picure and make commet

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