Back again.

Staying the night in Shamrock TX again after an extended battle in an attempt to find lodging.  I was certainly tempted to call Jenni and Daron Hall in Ulysses KS as we were SO close: only 30 miles south of town at one point, but the need to continue on to cover ground for Wednesday wouldn’t allow it.  Perhaps another time the Virginia Tech crew can enjoy VT’s home-away-from-home on the high plains!  We knew the chances of storms firing within reach were slim, but we opted to travel northwest toward Colorado anyway.  The drive through the high plains north of Amarillo is spectacular in places, with incredible wide open spaces from bluffs overlooking erosional features cut into the plains.  It amazes me when I hear people describe the plains as boring, featureless, monotonous.  Certainly they cannot be seeing the same territory we witness each year.  The crew is rapidly adapting to the long hours on the road as we await the return of moisture.  It appears that we will begin a multi-day stretch of storm potential, possible beginning as early as Wednesday.   Stronger potential for high-end severe weather looks to arrive on Thursday, so we are already playing through different scenarios that we may face in a matter of days.  Much more to come.   -Dave


One response to “Back again.

  1. You guys need to pretend you are headed back to VA so we can have nice weather for a change! I think I have seen more tornadoes down Fredericksburg way this week than I did growing up in panhandle of OK!
    Have fun

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