A very hectic (and at times…frustrating) chase day that essentially BEGAN with a tornado intercept in east-central Iowa.  Another very accurate forecasting day by the crew put us only a short distance from the initiation point for storms firing along the cold front.  We traveled west to intercept a strengthening storm near Victor IA where we watched the rain-free base develop a wall cloud.  Moving east to keep up with the storm (and as a move to get ahead of another storm to the south), Amanda noticed therotating wall cloud rapidly tightening and becoming lower, so we turned north to a viewpoint where the tornado developed in view.  Tornado sirens spun upward as the tornado crossed to the northwest of our location.  After this intercept, a road closure prevented easy eastward travel to get ahead of the storms, and we spent much of the rest of the day attempting to find a way through the storms to the east.  Storm motions were extremely fast, and it was difficult to maneuver around them safely.  A still frame from the video of the tornado is below.    -Dave


5 responses to “Tornado!

  1. Where is the clip of the tornado? Can’t find it….

  2. …slow connection…working on it… -Dave

  3. Janet – this video was on their Facebook page.

  4. …thanks Nicole… -Dave

  5. Way to go Amanda on spotting the cloud. I watched the video and felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie then to think that this is for real! Keep safe!

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