Storms of May

As the second day of a very active weather pattern progresses after our return, I find myself reviewing photos and video of the storms we intercepted in an attempt to soften the blow from missing the best late-spring severe weather set-up of the year (perfectly timed between our two trips).  I’m posting a few picts of the storms from Pratt, KS, and near York, NE.

Ending the day with a low-end supercell near Pratt Kansas.  We were the only ones on this country road, and took the time to soak in the incredible beauty of a stormy  Great Plains sunset.

The rotating wall cloud north of York Nebraska.  If low-level winds were a click or two stronger this day, this storm would probably have produced a couple of tornadoes as we tracked it eastward.

Similar to a storm we intercepted in Yuma County Colorado in 2005, the wall cloud took the shape of a donut with a funnel cloud in the center.  The next cycle of the storm produced a significantly more organized wall cloud, and became tornado-warned at that time.

With a quarter used for scale (1.00″), the hailstones ranged in size from 1.5″ to nearly 2.5″ in diameter.  I spoke to a local man who drove through the core of the storm, and had the dents in his new truck to prove it.  He fared better than his wife, who had lost her windshield in the hail.

The storm is tornado-warned at this point, with a possible funnel descending from the wall cloud.  The wall cloud became rain-wrapped shortly after this photo was taken by Chris.  Soft, muddy road kept us on the pavement, and the storm moved over roadless areas for the next ten miles.  This was a very nice storm from a very modest set-up.   -Dave


2 responses to “Storms of May

  1. Claudia Engel

    Great pictures! I totally enjoyed following the Hokies chase through your posts. I know Adrianne totally enjoyed every minute of it. She talked about it all they way home from Tech to No. VA when I picked her up last yesterday. I’ll be watching for posts next week and look forward to them. Happy chasing and stay safe!!!

  2. Stay safe Hokies !!!!

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