2012 Departure and Logistics

As severe weather begins to crank up (early for many areas I might add), the adrenaline begins to flow as we head toward our time in the field.  Vehicles have been arranged with the university, and now we can begin to concentrate on the small details prior to departure.  The crew has been divided into shifts covering May and May/June.  Those details can now be found under the “2012 Field Crew” header.

It is official:  I would like to welcome everyone to the 2012 Great Plains Storm Chase!  I am sending details out to the crew that won’t be shown here, but here are the basics:  departure for the May crew will be May 13 or 14 (depending upon the weather pattern).  You MUST be prepared to leave on May 13 if needed.  Departure for the May/June crew will be May  26 or 27, and those crew members MUST be prepared to leave during that time.  As we approach each departure date, we will be able to give you the exact date for each trip.  A packing list will also be forwarded to each crew member.  More details forthcoming shortly.

Looking forward to hitting the plains with everyone!   -Dave


4 responses to “2012 Departure and Logistics

  1. We will likely be in the plains during your split- Tentatively, the New Mexico Tech crew will go from May 20-29ish, and, of course any other weekend we can get away for a panhandle chase.

    -Seth, N3MRA

    • Hey Seth, hopefully we will cross paths at some point. I trust you will be running APRS? -Dave

      • Yeah, I’ll be running it. I actually had a lot of comm issues last year in OK. Dead APRS areas, dead NWS areas, Autonet signal clogged up, etc.

        On active days, did you guys have trouble with Autonet? We would often get a signal, but then it would be so slow everything would time out.

        -Seth, N3MRA

  2. We started seeing troubles back in 2008…with any connection (not just Autonet). I spoke with an emergency manager in KS who said that so many people were streaming video that it overwhelmed the cell network…to the point where some local residents couldn’t call for help. For that very reason, we have never streamed video (which we could certainly do through VT). “73”, Dave

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