Harrisburg IL tornado

Many of our storm chasers over the years have stayed in Mt Vernon IL either outbound or inbound back to Blacksburg.  A small town SE of Mt. Vernon was struck by an EF-4 tornado overnight, with a death toll of six so far.  This area has long been a favorite stop for us many times over the years(AP photo below).  -DaveAP


2 responses to “Harrisburg IL tornado

  1. David:

    did you have any pictures of the damage in Harrisberg I was looking at the Doppler radar in s-w MO and noticed the TVS about 50 miles north of Jolin,Mo last nite about 10:30pm

  2. Hey Bobby, I actually crashed pretty early last night after gathering some data as the storms raced across Kansas. I pulled that damage shot from the AP. Most of the news sites have a lot of photos from Harrisburg as it is a pretty big story. How are you doing for rain out your way? (I’ve been keeping and eye on TX to see if you are recovering from the drought). -Dave

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