Headed west…

Our departure day seemed uncharacteristically easy on Tuesday, working our way through VA, WV, OH and Indiana.  Our overnight stay in Danville IL brings us close to the area where we intercepted a tornadic supercell in June 2009.  Another travel day ahead, we will drive through our hallowed ground in central Illinois (where we have intercepted some magnificent storms in the past), and through the rolling hills of Iowa.  Destination for tonight:  somewhere near York Nebraska in order to set up for some storms on the high plains further west on Thursday or Friday.   -Dave



3 responses to “Headed west…

  1. Kevin,
    I envy you guys in your efforts to challenge the unknown in the name of meteorogical research. It must feel like fulfilling a childhood dream. I was just looking at your “hokie storm chaser” photo and the weather stations attached to your vehicles. Other than the anemometer, what other devices are installed and what are their applications?

    • Merle, the mobile mesonet vehicles are used to measure surface weather conditions like any other weather station. However, the fact that they are mobile means we can move them to a storm rather than waiting for a storm to come to them. We attempt to measure the temperature, dewpoint, wind speed/direction, pressure etc. near storms that produce tornadoes and those that don’t. We measure the temperature and dewpoint of storm inflow, downdrafts(esp. rear-flank downdrafts that appear to be one mechanism involved in producing tornadoes), and pre-storm conditions as well. -Dave

      • Thanks Dave. I’ve watched many storm chaser videos including those that are equipped with local dopplar radar but they seemed rather large and bulky. Your weather station doesn’t look anything like “Dorothy” in the twister movie. Happy hunting.

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