Incredible day in Oklahoma.

Just a brief post as we need to set up for another potentially busy day playing tag with storms.  We followed a supercell from its initiation near Canton Lake OK (a gorgeous location that we hope to visit again) toward the western suburbs of Oklahoma City at dusk.  Witnessing spectacular wall clouds, funnels, and amazing lightning shows, along with what appeared to be a nighttime tornado highlighted by lightning.  Will try to post some additional photos/video in a day or so, after what could be another active day today.  In the meantime, here are a couple of picts/video stills:

Wall cloud/funnel near Loyal OK

Spectacular wall cloud at dusk near Union OK

Video grab from Chris White near Union OK at 9:15 pm.  You can read his account here:



2 responses to “Incredible day in Oklahoma.

  1. Very much appreciate your commentary….and generosity of your time to share experiences with those back home………….

  2. Amanda: We had a tornado here in Hampton yesterday. Started over the water as a waterspout and then moved inland.

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