A Warm Welcome to the 2013 Crew


I have been juggling a number of different tasks lately, but am finally getting around to posting the crew members for the severe storms field course/research this spring & summer.  This is the time of the year when I slowly begin to wean myself from winter’s grip and begin looking forward to spring, and of course the storms that come with it.  Looking forward each year also means looking back, and I cannot escape the thoughts of past trips and their members, the vast majority of which still keep in touch even though the roadways in their lives perhaps don’t stretch through the Great Plains anymore.

Those that join me for multiple years generate the memories that resist fading, like photos that have been protected from the harsh rays of the sun.  Each and every trip holds special memories, and not all are from storms.  Quiet times in wide open spaces round out each and every trip for me.  Spectacular sunsets and distant nighttime lightning shows hold tenaciously in my subconscious as well.  The entire experience, from the plains environment, its people, and its storms, draws me back.  Each and every year I feel fortunate knowing that new experiences await me upon my return.  Each year I get to share them with a new supporting cast, and each year I’m glad my roadway still stretches to the wide open space of the Plains.

Welcome to the Great Plains “class” of 2013, I’m looking forward to our time out there.



2 responses to “A Warm Welcome to the 2013 Crew

  1. What a lovely welcome, Dave! Thank you. You’re quite right about the wide open spaces of the Plains drawing us to it each year. We’re so glad to be part of another trip. Looking forward to it. –Dane and Jen

  2. I’m sure you and Dane remember the lonely back road in the Oklahoma panhandle from the photo above, and the tornado we shared it with a couple of minutes after this photo was taken! -Dave

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