Catching up

A number of tough days in a row, and gearing up for another.  Intercepted a number of different supercells over a couple oaf days in Kansas, including the storm below near Hayes…multiple wall clouds and funnels, but no obvious touchdown.


Sunday was spent in southeast Kansas, and we intercepted a tornadic cell near Clearwater/Wichita,  and additional cells to the east.

Monday put us in Oklahoma, just south of  the Oklahoma City area.  We were on the cell south of Moore, which produced the powerful tornado that moved through the populated area.  What tempting to intercept storms in more urban areas is simply too frustrating and dangerous, with traffic  stop and go traffic and congestion on the roadways.  We spent several hours working around storms producing wall clouds and funnel clouds, but poor visibility prevented definitive tornado sightings.  The Moore storm serves as a reality check on the power of these storms.


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