An assortment of pictures…

A few photos shot by Trevor White on our crew.  The first two show the storm near Hayes KS as the wall cloud crosses very close to our location.



The photos below come from Wichita KS, as the tornadic supercell roars toward the western edge of town.  Note the ground-scraping wall cloud in the photo below.  Inflow winds were screaming inward toward this feature.  We were forced to bail off of this storm as we began to become pinned in between the storm and the outskirts of Wichita.  The bottom photo shows the precipitation core that is being wrapped around the mesocyclone, as it moves eastbound toward us.



Our day in Oklahoma was busy, with the funnel pictured below and the dark wall cloud located west of Purcell OK early in our day.



The cell east of Waco was the anchor cell in the system, and continued to be the most impressive storm in the region.  Wall clouds, green coloration, and spectacular shelf clouds highlighted this storm.  Here, the menacing shelf cloud approaches the roadside as we stop to observe it on the rural roads of Texas.  The bottom photo shows the storm closing the gap at an intersection of roads in a small town southeast of Waco.



Will be posting additional photos here.   -Dave


2 responses to “An assortment of pictures…

  1. Amazing pictures. The shelf cloud pictures are some of the best I’ve ever seen!

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