Hokie Storm Chase 2014 begins …

The 2014 Hokie Storm Chase is scheduled to leave Blacksburg about 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The weather pattern we face headed to the Plains will likely produce some periods of severe storms on a regional basis, but is unlikely to produce a widespread tornado outbreak. That’s just fine. We’re looking for one special supercell in open terrain — hopefully on more than one day. The farther we are from major central U.S. cities, the better, especially considering the storms on both of our 2013 trips continually passing through the Oklahoma City and Wichita metro areas. We don’t have to see a tornado to be successful … but we’ll do all we can to forecast where one might occur and be there ahead of time … hopefully where it’s doing nothing but swirling dust and tumbleweed.

I’ll update more on the trip from the Plains states. Meanwhile, wave at us if you see our 3 antenna-laden vans rolling west Sunday morning.

— Kevin Myatt


One response to “Hokie Storm Chase 2014 begins …

  1. OK, it is Monday evening, May 19th, and I am sure that many folks in WJN (Weather Journal Nation) as well as Hokies in general are curious where you have been, where you spent last night (Sunday the 18th), where you are staying tonight, and what your plans are for tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th.

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