Tripleheader on Memorial day

We were close to three different supercells on Memorial Day in west Texas. The storms fired along the outflow boundary of a morning cluster of storms farther north. When storms’ downdraft winds hit the surface, they fan outward, and the edge of where this outflow reaches is often conducive to developing spin in the atmosphere which can be ingested into a storm’s updraft and make it rotate. We followed one storm northwest and north of Big Spring, Texas, then dropped down to another to the south near Sterling City, Texas, then waited south of there for a third to pass by just before sunset. There were reports of brief tornadoes within the supercells,b ut we did not see them from our viewing points.

A few Internet issues are keeping me from posting many photos this m in Rankin, Texas (you’ll have to Google it, it’s a tiny town southwest of San Angelo, right in the middle of an oil/gas boom). Will hope to get some up in the next day or two. Until then, be sure and check @hokiestorm on Twitter.

— Kevin Myatt


2 responses to “Tripleheader on Memorial day

  1. I just read your update from the 27th, KM. Unfortunately for me, I do not have Twitter. How about a brief update today on either the HSC FB page or the weather blog? Or both?? Lots of rain right now (almost 1 PM EDT on Wednesday the 28th) in SE Louisiana and southern half of Mississippi.

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