Small storms, big country.


We tracked storms across the high country of northern New Mexico and close to the Front Range of Colorado, taking in spectacular views of storms over stunning landscapes.  Our venture included Capulin Volcano National Monument, and we spent the entire afternoon atop the high mesas east of Raton NM.  I will let the pictures speak for me this time.

(photo above:  storms frame the view across the top of the mesa, at an elevation over 8,000′)


The view eastward from the high mesa:  a lonely road crosses the top, where we only saw one other car all afternoon.  Pronghorn antelope grazed near the roadside, and a coyote ran across the road in front of us at one point.  At this elevation, temperatures remained in the 40’s all afternoon.


The view greeting us as we entered Colorado.  Billowing storm clouds and breathtaking landscapes.  These areas are nothing short of national treasures, period.  And we MUST act as responsible stewards of these incredible places.


Our view of the Spanish Peaks.  Nothing I can add here. Stunning.


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