Incredible Storms, and Reloading for Trip 2.

It is difficult to describe our two Kansas chase days over the past couple of weeks.  The first day west of Scott City yielded the first tornado of the trip, but the structure of the storm was simply jaw-dropping.  Wall cloud after wall cloud, frisbee stacks, mammatus fields, the storm had it all.

Storm Chase Day 06

Trevor White’s photo of the Kansas tornadic supercell.

Our second Kansas day found us south of Dodge City, where we watched the towering cumulus explode into the atmosphere.  This would become the monster storm that would produce tornado after tornado, and prompt a rare tornado emergency for Dodge City as a large and destructive tornado approached the populated area.  Too many photos, and too long of a story to put it in words now, but a few photos of the Dodge City storm:

Storm Chase Day 09

Trevor White’s photo of the long-lived tornado south of Dodge City KS.


A large, multi-vortex tornado churns toward Dodge City KS. Fortunately, it skirted the western side of the city, sparing the populated area a major hit.

Trevor White was able to post a more complete description of these two days, and his photos are always worth a visit:

Gearing up for departure again, and hope to post more when time permits.  Right now, sleep is a priority.




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